Arkadium Stadium lets you play a dozen games from a Facebook wall

One of the biggest recent trends to hit gaming is the abilitiy to play games anywhere. Whether you’re on a phone or a computer or a dedicated game console, your favorite games are always at your fingertips. Arkadium is taking this to a new level with Arkadium Stadium, a Facebook title that lets you play a dozen different games from your Facebook wall.

The collection of games featured in Arkadium Stadium ranges from simple word and number games like Word Search or Sudoku to more sophisticated arcade games like the Peggle clone PegLand. But it’s not the games that make Arkadium Stadium interesting, it’s how you can play them.

Arkadium Stadium

While you can play any of the dozen games within the app itself, you also have the option to post a copy of that particular game to either your own Facebook wall or one of your friend’s. This gives you a unique way of sharing your favorite games with friends. If you post a game to your own wall, for example, anyone who checks it out will be able to play the game without ever having to leave the page.

The wall versions of the game are a bit tiny, and for something like Sudoku the text can be hard to read. But you do have the option to go into full screen mode, which alleviates this issue somewhat.

Arkadium Stadium

Arkadium Stadium

It may seem like a small difference, but the ability to post games to a Facebook wall eliminates several steps that could prevent someone from trying out a game. So while the games themselves may not be all that unique, the way that they’re presented makes Arkadium Stadium an app to watch.

Who knows, maybe this will eventually become the norm for Facebook games.