As many of you may have noticed, we have been adding a lot of new features lately (including a few last night) to improve your Gamezebo experience.

More and more games are being released daily on a wider variety of devices. Our goals are simple: to be the best games community site we can be and to to help you find the right game, at the best price, no matter what the device.

Going Cross-Platform!

The games world is changing, but in a good way.

In the past, we were all platform-centric. If I owned a PS3, I’d only be interested in playing PS3 games. If you developed a game for the PC, you would wait a year to port it to the Mac.

No more. In a world where games are played everywhere, on Facebook or the iPhone, gamers are increasingly platform agnostic. A developer may launch a game on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad all at the time. My big observation from the big game conference this year was that every game developer I talked to was planning to release their games on at least two platforms and devices at launch.

We’ve re-designed Gamezebo so that the focus is on the game, not the platform. Now, every game has its own games page and we automatically link out to every platform or device the game is on, as well as share price information.

Price Drops

We have launched a cross-platform price drop wall, integrating price feeds from multiple leading sources. You can now search for game deals on your favorite web sites by platform or genre. You can also sort to see all price drops, free games only, or deals that have launched only today.

You can also click to track price drops on any game covered on Gamezebo. When you click “Track Price Drops” on any product page, we’ll notify you by alert and/or email when the price of the game drops in our system.

This is just a start. Our goal is to work with the best partners online to share their game deals with you.

New iPad and Mac Channels

In addition to covering games on the PC, iPhone, and Facebook, we are now covering games for iPad and the Mac. And yes, it should be quite obvious what channel we’ll be adding next.

You can choose to view games only with the platform(s) you play by clicking on the platform channel tag on our top navigation or anytime you see the tag on the web site.

New Game Developer forums

By popular demand, we have created new sections of our forums just for developers to post about beta tests, game announcements, and game giveaways + coupon codes.

Game developers will be encouraged to post game offers around their games in these forums only, so if you like to be first to beta test games or get free game giveaways, this is your place to check daily!

Meebo Bar + Translate Button

We have added a Translate button to our Meebo bar powered by Google. Now, you can translate Gamezebo content to 25+ different languages (including French, Spanish, German, Korean, and yes, Yiddish) with the click of a button and easily go back to the web site’s mother language, English!

We have also improved the Meebo bar by adding buttons to the latest new game releases, games coming soon, and games with price drops. Our goal is to make our Meebo bar a shortcut to new and popular features on Gamezebo.

Thanks again for your support. We hope you like these changes, and wait until you see what we add next!