Remember Sibblingz? Of course you do. They’re the cross-platform solution that debuted last year allowing developers to develop for multiple platforms at once. Crowdstar made good use of the service, releasing games like Happy Island and It Girl on Facebook, iOS, and Android. Now they’ve announced version 2.0 of their platform, codenamed “Spaceport.”

“Spaceport represents a revolution in the way developers can create mobile applications,” says Sibblingz’ founder Ben Savage. “Instead of writing a game once and then taking perhaps months or weeks to translate it to different platforms, now one developer, one artist, can create a simple game in a month.”

The new platform will allow developers to work in JavaScript/HTML5, developing a game only once and letting it run across every smartphone you can think of. “It’s just as simple and as fast as writing a Flash game, but when you’re done what you have is a cross-platform game that runs everywhere with extremely high performance,” says Savage.

The platform will also address the problem of regular updates, which can be a pain when you have a game running on multiple devices. Because you only need to develop the app once, you’ll only need to update it once – the update will then be released to all platforms at the same time.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Spaceport, Sibblingz will be releasing their own MMORPG MiniQuest later this year to Nokia, Apple, and Android marketplaces. According to their numbers, that’ll open it up to one billion smartphones – a bigger potential player base than even Facebook.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Sibblingz is another product to come out of the social and mobile gaming incubator YouWeb. YouWeb has previously helped foster the growth of both Crowdstar and OpenFeint, a company which was recently acquired for more than $100 million. Could Spaceport be the next big thing to come out of their hallowed halls? Wait and see to find out.

If you’re a developer interested in learning more, check out for details.