Dracula faces a new threat in Dracula: Love Kills

Count Dracula has barely recovered his strength after his latest run-in with his nemesis, the vampire hunter Van Helsing, when he’s faced with a new threat: the Queen of the Vampires, who wants to take over the world and views Dracula as a dangerous rival. Dracula vows to defeat the Queen by any means necessary, even if it means becoming allies with Van Helsing.

Dracula: Love Kills is the first game from Frogwares’ new casual game studio Waterlily Games, and seems to be a sequel of sorts to Frogwares’ point-and-click adventure game Dracula: Origin with a hidden object twist.

 Love Kills

More accurately, Dracula: Love Kills is an adventure game with hidden object elements. Mainly you’ll explore scenes and gather inventory items to use to solve puzzles with the help of Dracula’s faithful servant Igor, who can be clicked on to offer hints about what to do next. Occasionally you’ll get to zoom in on a hidden object search to find random objects from a list, too.

 Love Kills

At the start of the game, Dracula isn’t in a condition to do much of anything. Still weakened from the fight, his coffin damaged and looted by villagers, the first thing he must do is repair his coffin so that he can travel (at which point you can travel to different destinations via a map). As he continues to regain his strength, Dracula can acquire a handful of skills later on in the game, and the player can earn various achievements, such as the “Swift as Night” badge for finding 3 hidden objects in 3 seconds.

 Love Kills

The game offers a choice of Easy and Hard modes. Designed for veterans of the genre, hard mode allows players to skip the tutorial and increases the amount of time it takes for the Hint and Skip buttons to recharge.

Dracula: Love Kills is currently in beta. Be sure to sign up for a Gamezebo Alert if you’d like to be notified when the game launches.