Destructopus! puts you in the crusty tentacles of a sea monster hell-bent on revenge!

Most of the time people tend to root for the good guy. But you know when they don’t? Monster movies. Sure the Japanese Army is going to eventually quell Godzilla back into his nuclear slumber, or the airplanes will eventually shoot down King Kong – but until it happens, we want to see a monster wreck everything in its path. With that in mind, the developers at Glitchsoft are preparing Destructopus! for release: a game where you are the monster.

Like any good monster movie, the creature in Destructopus is motivated by outrage at the environmental follies of man. In this case it’s a greedy oil drilling industrialist that’s destroying the natural landscape, and Destructopus is looking to settle the score by destroying everything in sight (and rescuing some cute and furry animals along the way).

We’ve recently had a chance to go hands-on with Destructopus, and managed to have a pretty good time with his human squishing habits. The game is best described as side-scrolling action, with players moving the monster towards the end of each level while squishing as many buildings, airplanes, and enemies as he can. It almost feels like a sideways, action-heavy twist on the arcade classic Rampage.



Each thing destroyed gives you in-game cash, which you’ll use between levels to buy a variety of upgrades and new attacks. This comes in handy as you’ll want to be able to unlock every possible attack to hold your own. Each attack seems to be as simple as a single tap on the screen, or in the case of his laser eye, pressing and holding. Tapping on the bottom will have him swipe with his claw, for example, or tapping in the middle will have him chomp down on what’s in front of him.

With 25 enemy types and four different environments to conquer, Destructopus may offer enough to keep your inner-monster satisfied for at least a little while. Expect this one to hit the App Store in early May.