After plenty of waiting, the Ravenstone Mine expansion for Ravenwood Fair is finally available. Though the game was initially purported to be a seperate release from the main game, it turns out that it’s actually an in-game expansion, much like the English Countryside add-on for FarmVille.

If you log-in to Ravenwood today you’ll notice a new fair goer named Skelly; a mole decked out with a miner’s hat. Chatting with him will give you some further information about the underground world as well as give you the option to visit it. However, before you can start mining for vitalin you’ll need to complete a quest first. This involves finding some dynamite and matches, all of which can be obtained from chopping down neighbors’ trees. You’ll need to be level 10 or higher to access the mine, as well.


We’ve only played the game for a short while, but as you can see from the art style, it’s a much darker version of Ravenwood Fair, though the core gameplay appears to be very similar. Stay tuned for some more in-depth thoughts soon.