Burn It All to set fire to the App Store later this month

Pyromania might not be the most appropriate topic to bring up in polite society, but it sure makes great subject matter for a video game. Ask anyone who’s ever played Burn the Rope and they’ll tell you the same. Now, popular publisher Bulkypix is looking to bring a little fire of their own to the iPhone. They’re re-teaming with PastaGames (the developers behind Pix’n Love Rush) for the upcoming fire starter Burn It All.

A puzzle game based around the idea of burning ropes, Burn It All has players guiding a flame with their finger as they start fires to clear all of the ropes from the screen. If they can do it within a certain time limit, they’ll advance to the next stage. It sounds simple, but like any good puzzle game, those humble beginnings get expanded on pretty quickly.

Players will have to contend with different kinds of ropes that burn at different speeds, flammable wooden shapes, gas-spewing volcanoes, dripping water – all of which stands between them and the ticking clock.

The players own arsenal will change up too, with different colors of flames showing different properties. The orange starter flame, for example, can only burn a rope at a frayed end. Blue flames can start a fire anywhere, and green flames can cut through flammable objects like butter. There are also other gameplay elements, like knots that can spread a fire in different directions, that will come in to play and aid you on your quest to “burn it all.”

We’ve recently had a chance to go hands on with Burn It All, and were delighted to see the challenge offered in some of these levels. On paper, the experience of lighting ropes on fire sounds admittedly basic – but there’s enough complexity to the level design that you’ll frequently need to give some serious thought to exactly where and when to start each fire.

Burn It All Burn It All

We were also a little surprised by how big a role reflexes played in Burn It All. We may have figured out the best possible solution to a level, but executing it on the touch screen was often easier said than done. Navigating tight corners, timing moves through water drips, trying not to set other things on fire along the way – Burn It All seems to be as much about dexterity as it is about solving each puzzle.

With more than 100 at launch and the promise of more down the road, Burn It All is shaping up to be one of the hottest must-own budget puzzler for iOS devices this season. If you’re itching to start a fire, you can put those matches away – this one will be launching for the iPhone and iPad at the end of this month.