And then there were two. Just two months after Lionside released the first NBA-licensed game on Facebook in the form of NBA Legend, Playdom has announced that it’s next game will be the second.

NBA Dynasty looks to be delivering a somewhat different experience than Legend, with more of a focus on team management and coaching, as opposed to developing a single player.

“With NBA Dynasty, we wanted to create a realistic coaching and managing experience while giving players the opportunity to build their ultimate fantasy team,” said Playdom’s Co-COO John Donham said. “Players will finally find out if their childhood heroes can beat those of their friends.”

The other big difference seems to be the inclusion of classic players, as Dynasty offers more than 9,000 player seasons dating back to 1946. it also looks like you’ll have at least some control over the game themselves, as you can create starting line-ups and make susbstitutions in real time.

While the NBA loves to brag that it’s the number one North American sports league across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it’s still surprising for two social network games to be launched so close to one another. You can play NBA Dynasty on Facebook right now and stay tuned for our full review.