Bopler Games: Play With Hits is a flexible, social rhythm action game

Now here’s something you don’t see very often: a music game on Facebook. Bopler Games is a rhythm action game that blends licensed music tracks with multiple forms of gameplay. So depending on the song and the game type you choose, you’ll get a very different experience each time you play.

The first thing you do when you start up a game is pick a song. The library isn’t all that big just yet, but it does feature notable artists like Lily Allen and Culture Club. But the number of songs will likely increase in the future, as developer MXP4 has already signed deals with four of the big music labels.

 Play With Hits

If you’re playing the game for free you’ll be able to listen to 60 second clips of each song up to three times a day. But you can also purchase a music pass, which allows you unlimited access to any particular track.

Once you have a song selected you can play any of four different mini-games, ranging from the falling block-puzzler “Match It” to the arcade action game “Snake It.” And for many of the games the action depends slightly depending on the music, as you’re playing in tuen to the rhythm. So between the multiple songs and game modes, it looks like Bopler Games will offer up quite a bit of variety. There are also power-ups to spice things up, including point boosting Golden Notes.

While Bopler looks very interesting so far, we’re still digging into the game so stay tuned for our full review.