TeamLava gets ready to tackle animal keeping in the upcoming Zoo Story

Over the past year, TeamLava has been one of the most prolific social developers to hit the App Store. Over that same period, Tap Zoo by Pocket Gems has been one of the most popular social games on the App Store. It was only a matter of time then until the prolific TeamLava decided to tackle the popular zoo management genre.

Unlike many of their recent releases which have been little more than re-skins of earlier TeamLava games (Nightclub Story and Bakery Story, for example, were pretty much just re-skins of Restaurant Story), Zoo Story is gearing up to offer TeamLava fans a whole new experience – this time as they manage and build their own zoo.

Zoo Story

Zoo Story

Zoo Story

Like any good zookeeper, players in Zoo Story will need to breed animals, set up attractions, and make sure their animals are fed and cared for. While the full list of animals isn’t known quite yet, TeamLava has confirmed that snow leopards, tigers, koalas, crocodiles, ostriches and pandas will all make an appearance in the game. Likewise, players will be able to discover new species, including mythical creatures like unicorns.

In addition to the zoo management gameplay that has been popularized by games like Tap Zoo, or the Facebook games Zoo Paradise and Zoo World, Zoo Story will also offer an element of farming. Players will need to grow and harvest their own crops to have a steady supply of food for their animals. The game will also feature a quest system of sorts.

Like past TeamLava releases, the developers are promising regular content updates which should deliver more animals, attractions, and quests for players to enjoy, as well as social elements that let you visit the zoos of your friends.

Can’t wait to set up your own bustling animal park? Zoo Story will be coming to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch soon.