Epic Escapes: Dark Seas is riddled with small objects and a confusing story.

If you are having a recurring nightmare about being on a cruise ship that is hit by a meteor (?!?), do you really think the best way to get over your fear is to take a cruise on a ship named Dark Seas? Well, that is exactly what our hero does, and, needless to say, it doesn’t go well.

When Epic Escapes: Dark Seas opens, you find yourself swept back in time 50 years, to a ship that is upside down and sinking. Your nightmare has come true. You must find a way out of your room before it fills with water, but unfortunately you are locked in. Luckily, someone has left you a note with a list of objects you need to find. You will be finding these notes throughout the ship and they will provide you with the hidden objects you must find to progress.

 Dark Seas

Once you escape your room, you will meet a young girl named Rosie. She wants you to help her, but she isn’t supposed to talk to strangers. This seems like the type of situation where you would accept help from anyone, but Rosie wants you to win her trust by finding her missing teddy bear. You will run across several other characters that need your help but Rosie is the only person who acknowledges your existence.

Epic Escapes: Dark Seas is a hidden object game with inventory puzzles. There are several extremely simple puzzles that you will have to solve as well, but they are so straightforward for the most part, that they barely count as puzzles. In each scene you will need to find a note that will provide you with the objects you need to find. While the graphics are clear, the scenes are very dark and many of the objects are very small. If you get stuck, you can click the hint button. The hint button recharges quickly so you shouldn’t find yourself stuck for long.

The storyline in Epic Escapes: Dark Seas is minimal at best. How you go from deciding to take a cruise in the opening to being back in time, aboard a sinking ship is not really explained. The game is mainly hidden object list after hidden object list and this detracts from the urgency you should be feeling trapped on a sinking ship.

 Dark Seas

Throughout the game you will also be locating life preservers. There are 13 in all, and you are not required to find them all. In fact, I’m not sure if there was a purpose to finding them or not.

Epic Escapes: Dark Seas is also incredibly short. If you are an experienced gamer you might be able to finish it within the one hour demo time. However, the lack of story and urgency actually make the game feel longer than it is, and not in a good way. I would definitely recommend giving the demo a try before purchasing. Who knows, you may even complete the game before your time is up.