Dream Track Nation to let players create crazy 2D race tracks this spring

Racing games have always been a blast, but for the creativity-minded gamer, racing games are never as much fun as when you get to design your own tracks. From ExciteBike to ModNation Racers, user-based track design has proven time and again to be just as exhilarating as racing on anything that the developers might have dreamed up. Dream Track Nation is looking to be the next title to take the user-track creation crown.

Coming to the iPhone later this Spring from Chillingo and developer PowPowGames, Dream Track Nation is set to offer up 60 levels of 2D platform racing action, more than a dozen vehicles, and promises to offer realistic physics that should impress any fans of the genre. Most importantly, though, Dream Track Nation will offer what they developer is describing as an “easy to use” track editor.

Players will be able to great gravity-defying loops, big jumps, and other assorted craziness – and then share it online to be enjoyed by players around the world. Promising an “App Store like environment,” you’ll be able to share your work and download the tracks of others, so long as you’re connected to a 3G or Wifi connection. Like most games of this sort, user-creation should give Dream Track Nation limitless replayability.

Dream Track Nation

Dream Track Nation

There’s no word on an official release date yet, but Dream Track Nation is showing up on Chillingo’s official spring calendar. Be sure to follow Dream Track Nation right here on Gamezebo to be notified the moment it’s released.