Most hyped gaming start-ups are full of hot air, but Kiip may be onto something.

As reported in Techcrunch, Kiip offers real life rewards for in-game achievements. So, let’s say you are playing your favorite mobile game, and you just annihilated 20 zombie pigs in a row.

Kiip has partnered with big brand marketers like Sephora, popchips, Dr. Pepper and the like to offer you a voucher for free lipstick, bag of chips, a can of pop (you get the picture).

Kiip tracks who you are so they demographically server the right offer (no lipstick for me).

In his interview with Techcrunch, Kiip’s 19 year old founder, Brian Wong, (yes, I said 19, I feel so old) believes every game has an achievement moment and that “the achievement itself isn’t the cool thing. It’s the moment. We realized the moment was worth something. The natural evolution is to put something there that actually matches the achievement.”

Basically, Kiip plans to compete with mobile ad networks like Admob by offering marketers the opportunity to associate their brands with the moment gamers win in their games.

Which in my book, is a winning idea.

An even bigger win for Kiip is if they can allow marketers to offer prizes both when a user wins and loses in a game. Personally, the way I play mobile games is that I play and win, lose, play again, and if lose, exit the game to fight the battle next time (since I have finite time to play).

Now, if you can reach me with a free bag of chips at the point of frustration when I need the pick me up…now that would be an epic win.

More information: View the video of how Kiip works.