1000 Heroz to offer 1000 days of fresh content

When you boot up an iOS game, you usually don’t expect to be treated to a thousand days of entertainment. That said, developer RedLynx is aiming to bring a long-term play experience to gamers with 1000 Heroz.

The game is a platformer that forces players into the shoes (sandals?) of various heroes who run through levels chock full of the usual platforming staples. In each level, a hero has to get to a finish line as quickly as possible. However, the game is reportedly sporting intentionally “floaty” physics to add to the challenge of avoiding a bottomless pit or maneuvering across a raised platform. Successfully completing a stage rewards players with a relic, which is essentially a goofy collectible item that provides players with bragging rights.

This all sounds pretty standard for the genre, but RedLynx has something that will sweeten the deal: each day for 1000 days they will unveil a new level, along with new heroes and new relics. So if you happen to buy the game after it comes out, you’ll also have access to all the game’s previous content. The older levels will be compiled into “books” which will supposedly chronicle the mythology of the game’s world.

The different heroes will reportedly only feature cosmetic differences. That said, the new levels and relics will be completely original. The developers want to provide players with as much replay appeal as possible.

Aside from the standard leaderboards and achievements, 1000 Heroz will also feature an ability to play against others (presumably by challenging friends’ times) in password-protected leagues.

1000 Heroz

1000 Heroz

1000 Heroz

At the moment, no release date more specific than “Summer” has been announced.