Star Command wants to put you at the helm of your own starship this summer

Have you ever wanted to design and command your very own starship? Don’t lie to me: if you’re reading this article, you know you have. Heck, you probably still do. Well, guess what? War Balloon Games has revealed the existence of Star Command, a new game for the iPhone and Android platforms that will let you do just that.

The title is a sci-fi simulation game which lets players create whatever kind of space vessel that they want and explore the universe. Essentially you can have any type of vessel you want: it can be built for peace, science, trade, war, or whatever else you can think of.

Meanwhile, players are required to hire and manage an ever-growing crew. Different crew members have different skills that are useful in different ways around the ship. On top of that, the game features an RPG-like system where crew members can even learn more skills as time goes on.

Star Command

Star Command

Star Command

Members of War Balloon Games are currently answering questions about Star Command on Reddit. From the sound of things, this is going to be a pretty in-depth game. Combat is apparently going to be in real time as opposed to being turn-based, while trade and diplomacy will be insanely complex and entertaining (apparently diplomacy will be affected by decisions that you make when laying out the starship, too).

At the moment the game is planned to lay the foundation for an eventual “really good MMO that Star Trek really has not gotten right.” The developer is hoping to use a solid single-player game as a learning opportunity before it starts on an even bigger project.

War Balloon Games is planning to release Star Command sometime this summer. I can’t wait for it to come out, if only so I can build a Borg Cube and proceed to terrorize the galaxy until I rule hundreds of solar systems with my evil cyborg fist.