Earlier this year, Rovio announced they raised $42 million from the venture capitalists. Today, Rovio has revealed it’s plans to spend that money: to launch a different version of Angry Birds for every single animal species in the world.

“Angry Birds is the most successful mass-market brand since ever,” the Mighty Eagle of Rovio proclaimed, “why mess with success when you can build the same game again and again and again?”

The next games Rovio plans to release are Angry Monkeys, Angry Anteaters, Angry Bats, Angry Platypuses, and Angry Salmon (the farm-raised kind). To create continuity in the games, the enemy in each game will still be pigs.

Rovio better act fast since their competition is not standing idly by though. Here at Gamezebo, we are currently reviewing a slew of strikingly similar games to Angry Birds, including Dastardly Dolphins, Surly Slugs, and Pissed-off Pandas.