For a game that went nearly two full years with doing much to shake up it’s formula, 2011 is becoming quite the year for Doodle Jump. First we had the introduction of a level system in Doodle Jump: HOP. Then we’ve heard rumor that Doodle Jump for the iPad will finally be arriving before the end of the year, not to mention Xbox Kinect. Now the team at LIMA SKY have taken the next big jump, releasing an update for the original game that adds multiplayer functionality.

Using Apple’s proprietary social network, Game Center, Doodle Jump lets players pair up with a friend or a stranger to see who can last the longest in a single round of play. The competition heats up once power-ups come into play, as once one player uses one, it will no longer be available for the other. If you feel your opponent too easily got the best of you, Doodle Jump also offers a “rematch” button that will let the two competitors jump right back into play.

“It feels great to finally release the multi-player update to the millions of Doodle Jumpers around the world,” says Igor Pusenjak, founder of Lima Sky. “Competing against your friends for the high score has always been one of the most fun aspects of Doodle Jump. This update transforms the experience with real-time jumping races.”

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We’ve had a chance to go a few rounds with Doodle Jump‘s new multiplayer this morning, and were delighted to see how quickly and easily the game matched us with opponents. The gameplay, too, took on a whole new edge. Now you’re not simply trying to out-do your past score, you’re trying to put another player in their rightful place, looking up at the soles of your shoes.

If you fell out of love with Doodle Jump over the last two years, this new mode is more than enough reason to give it another chance. Be sure to hit the App Store and re-add it to your iPhone soon.