City of Secrets is too good of an adventure to keep a secret for long

It turns out there’s a secret city of mole-people underneath us all. I never knew about it until my companion dog Rex fell in a hole in the basement and we ended up there. He even got himself arrested for espionage. Ironic being charged as a “mole” by a bunch of moles, but here in the City of Secrets that sort of witty nonsense is par for the course.

City of Secrets plays out like the classic point and click adventure games from the past. You’ll interact with various environments, picking up, using and combining items to solve puzzles and move ahead to the next area. Likely you already know if this is your style of game, and if it is you’ll want to check out City of Secrets. Let’s take a look at why.

What really blew me away while playing was how gorgeous all the environments were. They all looks like super detailed paintings and just walking around and looking at all the embellishments and doodads was fun. Toxic waste gives off an eerie green glow, and the light sources all do a great job of giving you just a peek at what’s in that dark corner. Every new environment was a sight to behold and the richness definitely rivals anything I’ve seen on the iPad up to this point. The game could easily sell itself on the visuals alone.

But City of Secrets actually has a lot more going for it than that. On top of looking fantastic the game also sounds great, with all the dialogue fully voiced. Not only is it fully voice acted but all the actors sound good – not wooden or amateur at all. It’s a British company so the characters all have the accents, but somehow that just seems to add to the appeal of it all.

They claim the game is hard enough to be an adult game but has a hint system built in for kids to get in on the fun, yet the reality is slightly different. I’ve been playing point and click adventure games for many many years, and this one is tough. Real tough. Luckily the hint system is there not just for the kids, but for the adults too. It can be frustrating when the solutions to puzzles seemingly make no sense, even for a veteran of this style of game.

City of Secrets

City of Secrets

Luckily the game has a really well told story that is fun to watch unfold, despite my frequent need of the hint system. It’s probably a testament to how well the hint system is used that I never felt super frustrated when I couldn’t find the answer, or felt like I was cheating when I used the hints.

If you’re a fan of point and click adventure games, you should take some time to check out City of Secrets. While not perfect, the game offers a lot to get excited about. Excellent visuals and voice work, and a wonderfully fun story to play through make City of Secrets well worth your time.