Youda Survivor 2 is an impressive sequel with hours of gameplay

Less than a year has passed since the first Youda Survivor game was released, and now Youdagames is already back with Youda Survivor 2. After saving the island and the tribe living on it, you are called for help again, though the danger remains mysterious at first.

Youda Survivor 2 features more than 100 levels and two very distinct play modes, which exceeds the already respectable length of the first game. On top of that, the story mode still lets you choose different paths and replay levels as often as you want to improve your time or earn more tokens for upgrades. In this department the game really shines and should be a paragon for all similar titles of this genre. Moreover, it’s possible to earn a huge number of achievements, which is another great motivator to see the game through to the end. Interestingly enough, it’s not only possible to choose either a male or a female hero, but this choice even offers different bonuses during the game, which further increases replayability.

Players who already know the first part will feel right at home with Youda Survivor 2. The mechanics are still very similar to Farm Frenzy with some gameplay variations that include some minor but very welcome changes from the first Youda Survivor. Each level starts with a small piece of land where you can hatch a variety of animals, such as flamingos, ostriches or wild goats. If fed properly with water, products from other animals or from the cave, those animals will reward you with eggs, milk, and other items that can be used to cook potions or to be made into more powerful products with the help of machines. Eggs will become fried eggs, milk can be turned into milk powder and later on cheese, and one cheese plus one fried egg can be used to cook an omelette.

This is where the similarities to Farm Frenzy end. With regards to the core gameplay, Youda Survivor 2 still features the interesting ability to cook potions for your hero or to summon so-called lost rituals. There are two bars that affect your hero and his options significantly, for one thing the hydration, and for another thing his health. The first is represented by water, the second by a heart, and both bars can be refilled or largely increased by creating potions from the raw or processed products. You are even able to collect special recipes, which allow the production of even more helpful potions than just mixing ingredients randomly.

Regarding machines, upgrades, animals and products Youda Survivor 2 is really wonderful. Nearly each level presents something new, and the connections between the different features are easy to learn, but hard to master. For most actions like casting rituals or constructing machines you need health, which is then deducted from your hero’s health. You can summon rain to create new puddles of water, or you can play charming tunes to get products for free. It also costs health to fight pirates and other enemies who will try to steal products, but they will eventually drop worthwhile stuff if chased away successfully, though you have to be careful – losing too much health will mean that you lose the level immediately.

In fact there are only two noteworthy problems with Youda Survivor 2. Firstly, despite the number of features, upgrades, modes and achievements the game gets repetitive and partly frustrating from around level 50 onwards (mainly depending on how much you like these sort of games). In the end the game is still casual, and does not offer enough variation or challenge to fill 15 to 20 hours with pure entertainment. Secondly the controls can become highly frustrating with such a demanding and hectic game. You can easily upgrade machines or collect products by mistake, and the animals are not exactly clever when it comes to eating. Once I noticed a wild goat running around hungry although three eggs were laying right next to it. In the worst case seemingly minor issues like that can result in losing the level immediately.

Nonetheless, Youda Survivor 2 is a wonderfully crafted time management game. The production values are amazing, from the background graphics to animations and the whole atmosphere in general. The number of upgrades, surprises, features, and game length will most likely satisfy even the most demanding players. If you don’t mind the few issues too much and can overlook the slightly cheesy storyline, you are up for having a whale of a time.