Chop Chop Caveman is back, and this time he’s quite literally kicking dino butt!

The last time we visited with Gamerizon’s Chop Chop series, we had to help a hungry caveman fill his belly full of dinosaur meat. Now that Chop Chop Caveman has been well fed, Gamerizon is looking to answer a question that has plagued archaeologists for centuries: what did cavemen do for fun?

Gamerizon’s first attempt at publishing a cannon-style distance game, Chop Chop Kicker is a little bit Learn to Fly, a little bit Solipskier, and a little bit Max and the Magic Marker. That may sound a little erratic, but if you’re familiar with these three games, by the time you’re done reading this preview you’ll see how a glimmer of each comes together to form a delightfully unique new release.

In Chop Chop Kicker, the caveman will kick a dinosaur as hard as he can, and it’s up to the player to try and keep that dinosaur from hitting any number of obstacles along the way. To do this, players will have the ability to draw a rainbow that the dinosaur can surf along, picking up speed and avoiding dangers as he goes.

The rainbow comes from a magic marker and that marker only has a limited amount of ink. To refill it you’ll have to guide the dino into the path of jelly beans (I’d always suspected they were the fuel for rainbows!) If you run out, you’ll have to watch your prehistoric pet careen into the ground and sadly skid to a stop.

With each completed game, players will be awarded a letter grade and some coins. This coins can be spent in the game’s shop, where players can purchase new dinosaurs, settings, and boost upgrades.

Chop Chop Kicker

Chop Chop Kicker

Chop Chop Kicker

Can’t wait to kick a dinosaur right in the butt yourself? You’ll be delighted to hear that Chop Chop Kicker will arrive on the App Store this Friday, March 25.