Cowboy Guns to bring a touch of the Wild West to twin stick shooters

If there was one undeniable law of the Old West, it was that evil gangs would terrorize the countryside until a mysterious stranger arrived on the scene to save the day. South American developer C2 Estudio is playing this concept to the hilt with Cowboy Guns, a new title that’s coming to both the iPhone and Android.

The story here is pretty simple: players fill the shoes of “The Kid”, a lonely gunslinger (off topic: is there ever any other kind of gunslinger?) on a quest to bring order back to the land by vanquishing the evil forces of a gang known as the Crimson Jackals.

The game is a top-down twin-stick shooter with 3D graphics. Players run around various Old West settings and generally engage in overly-manly behavior (i.e. shooting everything up). There are two joysticks that appear in the game, one for movement and one that controls the direction of fire.

At the moment, no multiplayer modes are planned for the game. Instead, it features a lengthy single player campaign with are a total of fourteen levels and four main bosses (all of whom are bosses of the Crimson Jackals gang). On top of that there are four different types of weapons that can be picked up during gameplay: the basic gun (which clatter can turned into dual-wielded guns), shotgun, molotov cocktail, and gatling gun. Eventually, the weapons can be upgraded with game points.

There are plans to include character customization, though that will be added after the game’s released. Cowboy Guns is coming out sometime soon, though C2 Estudio has yet to reveal an actual date.