Sunshine Cruise Lines sets sail for the iPhone this summer

IUGO Mobile Entertainment made a big splash in the social freemium circle last fall when it teamed up with Capcom to release Lil’ Pirates, a top notch game of high seas adventure. Now IUGO is getting set to return to the ocean blue in their second social release Sunshine Cruise Lines, a game that’s more about leisure than treasure.

While not a great deal is known about this title quite yet (players will manage their own cruise ship while travelling around the world), IUGO’s VP of Business Development Sarah Thomson has shed some light on IUGO’s previous social experiences, as well as some hints about what players can expect in Sunshine Cruise Lines;

Lil’ Pirates was a great experience for us. We saw that we could build a unique experience that users loved. It was amazing to see how ‘into’ the game players got. On top of that, the game was monetizing really well solely from virtual items, which was a testament to our design strengths as a studio.”

Sunshine Cruise Lines

Sunshine Cruise Lines

“Now, with Sunshine Cruise Lines, the team is super excited to build a game around a theme that appeals to virtually everyone: Travel. There is so much we can do with this theme. This is an opportunity for us to play on users’ imaginations while having the world at their fingertips.”

“Players will find the game familiar and easy to play as we’ve kept a foundation of tried and true mechanics. But the team has been really amped to try new things in Cruise. With Cruise players will enjoy a more dynamic environment that encourages experimentation. Players will have a number of different options for how to make their cruise ship unique, while offering deeper social interaction. The team is focused on making every facet of the Cruise experience special and fun from the art style, the UI, the audio to how they all tie in and enhance each other. We can’t wait for people to play our game!”

Gamers can expect to board Sunshine Cruise Lines in late spring/early summer.