Word Fighter gets ready to rumble… with letter tiles!

Puzzle Fighter is one of those great, charming, games that people seem to have forgotten about over the past few years. That’s a shame, especially since it seems like such a well-suited title for the new generation of touch-screen devices. Developer Feel Every Yummy is working on a project that will fill the Puzzle Fighter-shaped hole in our hearts: Word Fighter. The game is being described as Puzzle Fighter mixed with Boggle and Scrabble, which, in our opinion, sounds pretty darn great.

Players will compete in head-to-head “battles” which require them to create words from 5×5 grids of letters. Each of these battles will consist of three timed rounds. As in Scrabble, each letter has a corresponding point value, which adds up to a total word point. Various bonuses will be earned, though these differ based on the character players choose to fight as; the different bonuses will include increased defense, changing the game boards around, and making opponents spell words backwards.

Word Fighter

Word Fighter

The game’s graphics feature some pretty nifty cartoony graphics with anime style touches. As words are spelled out, the fighters at the top of the screen end up engaging in some rather adorable animations, though the developers are planning to add in some more animations once they figure out how to keep things stable.

Word Fighter is currently in a pre-alpha build. At the moment, the game’s coming to iOS devices (including the iPad), but Feel Every Yummy has revealed that it’s planning to release a version for Android systems. It’s still pretty early in the game’s development cycle, but Word Fighter currently planned for a summer release.