While social games may be all the rage on the App Store nowadays, it’s not too often that we see a hit Facebook title make its way to our mobile devices. CrowdStar is looking to break from this trend by bringing their popular fashion-friendly social RPG It Girl to the iPhone and iPad.

Available now on the App Store, It Girl for iOS devices syncs up seamlessly to your Facebook version of the game. If you’re new to the game, it looks as though you’ll need to have the game installed on Facebook first to get in on this shopping and dress up fiesta. The App Store description states that “This is the mobile companion to the hit Facebook game, so make sure you have installed the game on Facebook first since your accounts will be linked.”

And why should you be so eager to dive into this diva simulator? How’s this for a reason: last November we gave the Facebook version a perfect five star rating in our review.


This isn’t CrowdStar’s first attempt at cross-platform gaming, but it’s certainly their smartest. Why? Because their first attempt, Happy Island, required mobile users to pay for a game they were already getting for free on Facebook. It Girl, however, remains free. (It should probably be noted that, after an initial 3 months at 99 cents, Happy Island has been free since last October).

Happy Island achieved cross-platform status thanks to the Sibblingz engine, and while it’s yet to be confirmed, it seems pretty likely that It Girl made the move using the same tech. Wondering if It Girl has survived the transition to the mobile market? You’re only one free download away from finding out!