Coins Dozer is a much fairer, and cheaper, version of the arcade game

If you’ve ever been to a state fair, you’ve seen the real-life inspiration for Coins Dozer. These coin-pushing games are known by any number of names like Jackpot or Lucky Coins, but they’re all basically the same. You have a little cabinet full of coins with prize tokens and sometimes actual prizes placed on a bed of quarters. You drop quarters in, sometimes through a ramp that must be carefully aimed, and see if you can slowly push more quarters and prizes forward until they tumble down into your waiting hands.

Coins Dozer is a virtual and vastly cheaper version of this simple-minded but addictive arcade game. The coins are all modeled in 3D using the Unity engine, so a plug-in download may be required before play. The coins act as physics objects in Coins Dozer, bouncing after you drop them into the virtual cabinet and pushing other coins convincingly. MiniMax’s coins are much thicker than the quarters typically used in the game, which makes it slightly easier to push prizes and other coins into your possession.

Coins Dozer

The goal of Coins Dozer is to push as many coins as you can forward into a slot at the center of the cabinet. When coins fall down that slot, it triggers a set of slot machine reels. The way the reels line-up can rain coins into the cabinet from the sky, drop treasure chests containing prizes into play, or simply do nothing at all. You want to trigger as many treasure chest drops as you can, then collect the chests as quickly as possible. Ideally you do this while avoiding driving too many coins into the sides of the cabinet, which causes them to disappear.

If you’ve ever played a real-life coin-pushing arcade game, you’ll know that most of the prizes offered are of absolutely miserable quality. Most will be plastic tchotkes that serve no purpose and ultimately end up collecting dust in a drawer after you win. The prizes themselves are meaningless next to the thrill of victory. Coins Dozer offers the same thrill by making collectible virtual items your prizes. The goal of the game, in theory, is to collect full sets of all the different collectibles, which arerepresentations of things like ribbons, dolls, and small toys.

Coins Dozer

In most respects, playing Coins Dozer is fun in all the ways a real-life coin-pushing cabinet is fun to play while being more convenient, more practical, and cheaper. The game generates new coins for you at the rate of one per minute, or you can buy coins in bulk if you want to get them faster (and use gold coins). Just like real coin-pushing machines, there’s something very simple minded and repetitive about Coins Dozer that may bore players who don’t see the appeal of these machines.

If you’ve ever looked forward to a fair just for a chance to win a pair of wind-up chattering teeth by feeding $40 into a coin-pushing machine, though, Coins Dozer is going to be pure delight.