The Godfather Empire – Game Introduction

The Godfather Empire developed for the iPhone and the iPod Touch by Oceanside Interactive lets you become a 1940’s Gangster in this social role-playing game. Further explore the story of The Godfather motion picture series by becoming a member of the Corleone family and working for one of the largest crime syndicates in New York City. Recruit hundreds of unique associates, hone your fighting skills, acquire wealth, and add friends to your mob to help you take out other players and their mob bosses. Gamezebo’s The Godfather Empire quick start strategy guide will provide you with tips, tricks, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • The Godfather Empire is a free application and can be downloaded by clicking on the “Get It Now” link at the top of this page.
  • When the game loads for the first time you will be taken through several frames of comic book style storyline which sets the scene for the game.
  • You will be asked to choose your user name and then your player class which determines your major strength in the game. You will be asked to choose between a “Solider” which has more energy, “Muscle” which has more stamina, or “Earner” which makes more money.
  • Next you will be asked to choose an associate. The choice is difficult because each one is given one strength and one weakness, and you will have to decide which combination of the two is best to help you out.
  • Finally you will be taken on a brief nine step tutorial where “Paulie” will teach you how to maneuver the basics of the game.
  • News – Once in the main menu you can tap on the “News” button which allows you to see jobs that are open and players that you can recruit.

The Godfather Empire

  • Options /Game Settings – The second tab at the top of the news screen is the “Options” tab and this will take you to a screen where you can toggle the game sound and intro music on or off, set the game to vibrate when someone fights you or sends you a gift, animate the dialogs, and connect to either Facebook or OpenFeint. (It appears that you can log in to one or the other but not both) If you do not have a Facebook account but would like one so that your progress is posted for friends to see you can get a free account here –
  • You can also change your player name here for 10 favors or your player class for 35 favors.
  • If you want to reset your account there is a reset button at the very bottom of this screen. (Note you will lose all progress and in app purchases if you reset your game.)
  • Be sure to check back for weekly content upgrades, special offers and promotions which allow you to level up faster and increase your reputation score.

Game Elements

  • This is the main screen you will work from. Each element is labeled and described below in detail.

Top section of game screen

The Godfather Empire

  • Here you will see all the vital statistics you have to work with listed above the dotted red line. All items are read top to bottom and left to right and shown circled in colors.
  • Cash on hand – Your current cash total is listed in the top left corner in green text. You will start the game with 100 dollars. There is a countdown clock next to the money which shows you how often you will earn money and how much you will earn once you have invested in businesses and begin to make a profit.
  • Level indicator – Center top of screen shows your current level. There are 100 levels in the game at this time.
  • XP Indicator – This is your XP indicator which shows you how many XP you have earned and how much are needed to reach the next level.
  • “?” – This is the help area. Tap on the question mark to read about the game if you are having trouble understanding it.
  • Energy – Here you will see your energy level. You will start out with 10 and this will increase as you purchase more with upgrade points each time you level up. You must have energy to fight and do jobs. If you run out you have the option to purchase more with favors or in-app purchase of .99 cents.USD.
  • Morale – You can fight as long as you have at least 20 Morale points. You star out with 100 and can have more if you purchase them with upgrade points each time you level up.
  • Stamina – You will need Stamina to fight and can fight unless your meter reads zero. You start out with a maximum of five Stamina and you can increase this amount by purchasing more with upgrade points each time you level up.
  • Mob – This shows how many people are in your Mob. You will see yourself in the count until you start to add others.

Lower Section of Game Screen

  • Here you will see the various buttons in the lower section of the game screen listed below the dotted red line and color coded. These are the items needed to do jobs, make purchases, get favors and more.
  • Note across the top right you will see your user name and a 10 digit number. This number is very important as it is your Player ID number which allows others to add you to their mob and for you to add others to yours. You will need to ask friends for their numbers or find others playing the game to grow your Mob.
  • The upgrade button will allow you to change your player name or player class but it will cost you 10 to 35 favors to do so.
  • Crew – Along the left side of the screen is your Crew. You will start out the game with one associate and will be able to bring on more as you level up. There are 8 potential associates on the crew screen that you can unlock as you do jobs. Only one Associate can do jobs or fight until you reach level 6 in which a second spot will open up. There is a maximum of 4 Associates that can fight and do jobs but you will need to reach levels 30 and 100 to unlock them. (See “Crew” below for more information)
  • Quick Hit – This is how you earn bullets which allow you to level up your associates skills. Every time you hit this button you will earn bullets and the amount is based on your “Don Ranking” (See “Don Ranking and Loyalty Rings below for more information.) You can hit this button once every 12 minutes.
  • Respect – These items are earned by completing jobs and they are very powerful items that are needed to unlock other jobs.
  • Greed – Tap here to access the game store and purchase items in the weapon, defense and accessory categories as well as learn what items can be found in the game.
  • Power – Tap here to make investments in various businesses to earn money for equipment upkeep and paying out profit cuts to your crew members.
  • Favors – Tap here to see what you can spend favors on or for ways to earn additional favors. You can redeem favor codes here as well.
  • Vendetta – This is the menu where you can fight and attack other mobsters or even members of your own mob.
  • Sauna – Once every 24 hours you can restore Morale here for free. If you need it more often it will cost you $6.00 to purchase the Morale refill.
  • Influence – Tap here to invite more Mobster (enter ID codes) and to send and accept gifts from your mobster members. If you see a small red number this means you have a gift to open pending.
  • News/Options – Tap here to read news updates about the game and to accept special offers, jobs, and recruitment deals. Tap on the “Options” tab at the top of the page to log into Facebook or Openfeint, set your game settings, change your user name, or even reset the game if you would like.

Upgrade Points/Ranking Jobs

The Godfather EmpireThe Godfather Empire

  • Upgrade points are earned each time you complete a job. This allows you to increase your ranking.
  • Once you have performed one job enough times it will rank up and each time you rank up you will earn one upgrade point.
  • Ranking up jobs will sometimes reward you with learning a new skill for an Associate or earning a respect item.
  • You will be able to use these upgrade points each time you level up. A screen will appear showing your available number of upgrade points and will show each category in which you can increase the maximum amount of Morale, Hidden Attack, Hidden Defense, Maximum Energy, and Maximum Stamina.
  • You can increase the maximum amount of these at a rate of one upgrade point for a one point increase. For example – You will start out with a maximum of 100 Morale points and when you level up for the first time you can spend upgrade points to increase it. You can choose to use one point for each category or you can focus all your upgrade points to increase the maximum of one category. Try to determine your weakest areas based on Associates skills and increase it in this screen.

Leveling Up/Earning Experience Points (XP)

  • To level up in the game you will need to earn XP (Experience Points)
  • XP is earned by doing jobs and by fighting opponents.
  • The bigger the jobs you do the more XP you earn for your energy.
  • Bosses can reward you with huge XP bonuses.
  • Each time you level up you will unlock additional jobs and equipment as well as be given the opportunity to spend upgrade points that are earned for doing jobs on things such as energy, stamina, and Morale points increasing their overall maximum amount you can have at a time.


  • You need Morale to fight other players.
  • You must have a minimum of 20 Morale points or you will not be allowed to fight.
  • Getting more Morale – If you run out of Morale you can wait and over time more will accrue or you can go to the Sauna once per day to restore or purchase more.
  • You will start out with a maximum of 100 Morale points and can increase this amount each time you level up in the game as at this point you can spend upgrade points to increase your Morale maximum.
  • One upgrade point will purchase one Morale point.

Sauna/Restoring Morale

The Godfather Empire

  • If your Morale runs low you can visit the Sauna to restore it.
  • You can visit the Sauna once per day to restore to full Morale for free, but if you need it again it will be an in app charge of $6.00 to restore the Morale meter.


  • In addition to Morale you will also need Stamina to fight opponents.
  • You will start out with a maximum of five stamina points.
  • Once you reach zero stamina you can no longer fight.
  • Each time you fight one stamina point is used.
  • Getting more Stamina – If you run out of Stamina you can either wait until more accrues over time or you can visit “The Godfather” to purchase more with favors or in app purchases.
  • Increasing your Maximum level of Stamina – This can be done each time you reach a new level in the game by spending your earned upgrade points. You can spend one upgrade point on one stamina point.


  • Each time you perform a job you will need to use energy.
  • You will be able to tell how much energy a job will use by looking at the job’s tab where it is listed.
  • If you don’t have enough energy you won’t be able to choose that job.
  • How to get more Energy – There are two ways to get more energy to perform jobs which is to wait until it generates over time or visit The Godfather where you can swap energy for favors or purchase it by making an in-app purchase which will be charged to your iTunes account.
  • You will start out with a maximum of ten energy points which regenerate one point at a time every five minutes.
  • As you increase in level you will earn upgrade points that you can spend at the point of the level up to increase the maximum amount of energy you can have on your meter.
  • One upgrade point purchases one energy point.

Your Mob

The Godfather Empire

  • The larger you can grow your Mob the better.
  • Your Mob will help your Associates level up, helps you do bigger jobs, and helps you make critical hits in your fighting.
  • You can invite friends to be in your mob or you can recruit mobsters in the game. (News section)
  • Mobsters – Each Mobster uses one weapon, one accessory, and one piece of protection.
  • Tap on the “Influence” button to see your Mob members. Tap on their image to see specific detail and stats about that member.

How to get more Mobsters

The Godfather Empire

  • There are two ways to get more Mobsters for your Mob.
  • Visit the Godfather – At times the Godfather will give you special offers that allow you to trade favors for Mobsters or to purchase them using an in app purchase.

The Godfather Empire

  • 2. Recruit Friends to your Mob – You can invite friends to join your mob by entering their unique 10 digit ID number.
  • If you can get a friend to enter your Player ID as a bonus code you will both get favors.
  • The best way to get started with recruiting more mobsters is to visit The Godfather Empire Facebook page which is located here –
  • When you visit this page you will earn favor codes for clicking on the “like” button. (Make sure you are logged into Facebook) You will be given a code for free favors. Be sure to do this as you will earn large bonuses!

Favors/Redeeming Codes

The Godfather Empire

  • Favors are sort of the secondary currency in The Godfather Empire. They are used to refill energy (8 Favors), Restore health, purchase items such as bullets,hire more Mobsters and much more.
  • There are all kinds of special ways to earn free favors. The most common way is to download apps for free favors.
  • You can also purchase favors at a starting rate of 20 favors per .99 cents. The more you purchase the cheaper they become.
  • Here is a breakdown of some of the cost of favors. (Rounded values)
  • .99 Cents – 20 Favors – $.05/Favor
  • $1.99 – 50 Favors – $.04/Favor
  • $2.99 – 90 Favors – $.033/Favor
  • $4.99 – 180 Favors – $.028/Favor
  • $9.99 – 400 Favors – $.025/Favor
  • Up to a maximum of $99.99 – 4,750 Favors = $.021/Favor

The Godfather Empire

  • Redeeming Codes – Once you are given a code tap on “Favors” then “Redeem Code” at the bottom of the screen. Here you will enter bonus codes to unlock special rewards or hidden features in the game.


  • Cash is used for purchasing equipment, improving your statistics, and purchasing investments to generate more hourly income to invest in equipment and payouts.
  • How to get more Cash – You have three options to get more cash in the game.
  • You can wait until more generates over time from your investments. (Once you have them)
  • Do jobs to earn additional cash.
  • Fight other Mobsters and earn cash when you win.
  • You will start the game with 100 cash as seed money.
  • Be sure to start investments and working jobs as soon as possible.


The Godfather Empire

  • Doing jobs is a critical component of the game and you will do this to make money to reinvest, recruit more associates, and defeat rival bosses.
  • Each time you level up you will be able to access better jobs and even tougher associates.
  • Recruiting your friends to play will allow you to access even more jobs.
  • Click the “Do it” button to do the job presented to you. Along the top of the screen you will see how many XP and how much cash you will earn for completing the job. Along the side you will see how many energy and stamina points will be used.
  • Once you accept the job you will not see any of the jobs being done you will just see a progress screen with your associates listed and with a meter that fills up as they complete jobs. Once these meters fill up the associate will be stronger which allows him to do more damage and earn more money.
  • Most jobs will require you to have some kind of equipment to complete it. Some of this equipment can be purchased and some can be found by completing jobs or defeating bosses.
  • Filling up these XP meters will earn you loyalty rings which enable you to earn more bullets from your Quick hits. These bullets are used to train associates to increase their fighting stats and help them to earn more money.

Recruiting Associates/Growing your Crew

The Godfather Empire

  • Each time you complete a job you will be given the opportunity to recruit another associate (game generated) You will need to tap on “Accept” then “Add to Crew” to officially add them to your game.
  • You will see the associates name, power level, protection level, and health.
  • Associates are found in the “Crew Slots” which are found in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • Tap on the Crew Slot then tap on a crew member to see his stats, increase their cut of the profit, or swap out positions with other players.
  • You can only use one associate at a time so you will need to swap them out frequently. Tap on an associate to use them which will swap out the associates. You will see a confirm screen that shows a side by side comparison of the two associates
  • You will start out with two crew slots and will open another one at levels 6, 30, and 100 to a maximum of four slots.
  • Associates in the crew slots will determine your crew’s reputation and class ranking during fights.

Associate Stats

The Godfather Empire

  • Each time you add a new associate to your crew this will increase your stats. Each Associate brings a new skill set to the group and it is best to try and have a well balanced crew so recruiting as many as possible is the key to having this happen for you.
  • Type – This determines which skills your Associate can learn.
  • Attack – Contributes to the crew’s total attack points.
  • Defense – Contributes to the crew’s total defense points.
  • Health – Contributes to the crew’s total health points.
  • Rep – This will affect the chances of there being a drive by during one of your fights. Only Associates in crew slots can increase or decrease your crew’s rep.
  • Class – This affects your chances of getting a “Safe-house” during a fight.

Associate Loyalty

  • As Associates level up you will learn that some will request bigger cuts of the profits. You will need to meet their demands to keep them loyal to you as they level up.
  • If you do not give them a cut, they will become disloyal and will no longer earn any XP from jobs or fights which means they will no longer level up.
  • Friend of the Family – If you choose to make your Associate a “Friend of the Family” they will be loyal to you forever and this will provide an XP bonus for you.
  • Each loyalty has a different set of bonuses:
  • Friend of the family – +25% XP, +25% to all stats.
  • Very Loyal – +10% XP, + 10% to all stats.
  • Loyal – No penalties earned.
  • Reliable – (-) 10% to all stats.
  • Unreliable – (-) 50% XP, – 10% to all stats.
  • Disloyal – (-) 100% XP, – 10% to all stats.
  • Note – You can make your Associates very loyal by giving them a cut of the profits that is much larger than what they have asked for.
  • Some Associates will need to be “Friends of the family” to stay loyal as they level up. Once you make them a friend of the family their stats will increase on average and there will be a 25% bonus for all stats and XP.

Purchasing items from the game store/Greed Button

The Godfather Empire

  • Tap on the “Greed” button to access the game’s store.
  • Here you can find items you need in the three categories – Weapons, Protection, and Accessories.
  • Tap on the item to purchase it then confirm by tapping on “Buy” The image of the item will unlock once you purchase it and you can tap on it again in the future if you wish to sell the item back.
  • You will notice that there are “Find this item” labels over some of the images. These are items you can find in various places. The location you can find the item may be listed under the image. Such as the Trash can lid which states it is in the “Respect” area. This means you can tap on the “Respect” button and on occasion you will see special offers to help you earn free items. Eventually you will find an offer that lets you find the trash can lid and add it to your inventory.
  • If you see a padlock it means the item is locked until you reach a specific level in the game.


The Godfather Empire

  • You can purchase equipment at the game store or you can earn it by completing jobs or defeating bosses.
  • Each member of your Mob will need one weapon, one protection item, and one accessory item.
  • Purchase equipment from the game store by tapping on “Greed”
  • Upkeep of Equipment – You will need to take care of your equipment and upgrade it frequently. Make sure you have enough money coming in from investments to help with the upkeep of equipment or you will be forced to sell off even more equipment and will find it hard to recover as you will not be able to win fights.

Skills/Bullets/Loyalty Rings

The Godfather Empire

  • As you move up in rank in various jobs your Associates will discover new skills.
  • You can level up skills by spending the bullets you earn by doing “Quick Hits” and as gifts from members of your mob.
  • Each time you hit the “Quick Hit” button you will earn bullets and the amount depends on your current “Don Rating” (At level one you will earn two bullets)
  • Bullets – You can also earn bullets as loot in certain jobs, can purchase bullets from the “Don” and can be gifted bullets from mob members.
  • When doing jobs be sure to max out as many of the XP meters as you can because each time you max out the XP meter the player will earn a loyalty ring.

The Godfather Empire

  • Loyalty Rings – The more of these you have the higher your “Don” ranking which means when you do a quick hit which can be done every 12 minutes you will earn more bullets which can be spent on increasing your Associates skill levels.
  • Note that when you upgrade skills it applies to all Associates that can use that particular skill set and this will increase your stats quickly.


The Godfather Empire

  • You will need to fight other Mobsters in order to earn XP and money in the game for your crew.
  • You will also be able to fight computer generated mobsters and even people in your own mob at times to help you level up.
  • Tap on the word “Vendetta” when you are ready to fight.
  • Next you will see a list of Mobsters with their stats listed so you can decide who to fight. You can tap on their picture to see if they are a member of your Mob if you are not sure.
  • When ready to fight tap on “Fight” and you will be taken to a battle screen.
  • When you start to fight another player there are three attack modes. There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the one you choose to use.
  • Punch – Defeats Shooting
  • Shoot – Defeats Knife Attack.
  • Knife – Defeats a Punch.
  • If you strike first you can cause extra damage to your opponent. You will either see a knife, bullet holes or a punching action on the screen and then it will be announced who won.
  • If you lose you will lose a small amount of Morale and if you win you will lose 20 Morale points but will gain XP and cash.
  • You can battle other mobsters until you are out of energy, stamina and other resources unless you choose to refill them by purchasing more favors or visiting the sauna.
  • Be sure to keep your health high as you can before you go into battle.
  • Drive By – The larger your mob the higher the chance you will have a drive by during your battle. This will increase your winnings with bonus cash and XP.
  • Safe House – If the round is a tie each team has a chance of a Safe-house. This chance increases the higher your crew’s class level is. The amount of health restored by a Safe House is determined by your mob’s equipment level and upkeep as well as the size of your Mob.
  • Along the top of the menu you will see the size of your mob and the chances of getting a drive by or safe house listed next to it. Just tap on the little person icon to see your stats.
  • “Beat it” button – Using this button will cost you one extra stamina point. This means you are basically leaving a fight before it is finished.

Buying Investments to generate Income for your Mob/Power Button

The Godfather Empire

  • You will need money to pay out your associates cuts, keep your equipment upgraded, and purchase special upgrades and training sessions.
  • Investments will generate money for you every 60 minutes with the exception of the “Earner Class” which generates their income every 54 minutes.
  • You will need to make sure you have enough investments to cover your expenses.
  • If you have a negative cash balance you will need to sell some of your equipment or use in-app purchases to purchase investments.
  • Once you make the investment the amount of money you will earn every 54 to 60 minutes will show at the top left corner under your funds. There is a countdown clock and a running total of your investment profits.


The Godfather Empire

  • You have completed the basic game play guide for The Godfather Empire for iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch by Oceanside Interactive. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!