Digital Chocolate, the social game developer behind Facebook hits like Millionaire City and Epic Fighters, is releasing a new game this month, but it won’t say what that game is. Well, that’s not entirely true, a hint was revealed: the new game will have zombies.

Buried in a blog post by CEO Trip Hawkins, in which he discusses the state of the company, was a not-so-subtle hint.

“I’m especially excited about our next new Facebook game that will debut this month,” Hawkins wrote. “I will only give you the small hint that it has never been so fun to whack a zombie with a shovel!!”

And that’s about it. No images and clue as to what the game might actually play like. But hey, who doesn’t like zombies?

Update! We now have a name. As tweetedby an art director working for Digital Chocolate, the game is titled Zombie Lane, and it has already launched in Finland. Keep your eye on the game pageand enter your email address to see when it will be launching in your territory.