Companions brings top down hack’n’slash action to the iPad this May

There isn’t a more iconic RPG franchise than Gauntlet, but the game has yet to appear on iOS devices. Thankfully, German developer Smuttlewerk Interactive is working filling this gap with a new title for the iPad: Companions.

The game is a top-down dungeon-crawling RPG in which players will lead teams of four characters through various dungeons and caves while fighting against “the false god Detexx” and his minions, the Hordes of Nether. Combat is going to be in real-time, as opposed to many RPGs, which often feature turn-based battles.

That said, players will be able to use a “tactical pause” ability that will allow orders to be issued to party characters while enemies are frozen.

Players can compose their parties from four different races: minotaur, elf, dwarf, and human. These different races are suited to different functions; minotaurs are good at close combat, dwarves can build devices, elves have long-range attacks, and humans are adept at magic. Each of these races has three different character classes to choose from and the game features 34 unique skills.

At the moment, there’s only a single-player mode planned for the game’s release, though it will feature a survival mode alongside the main campaign, as well achievements and online leaderboards.

Currently, the game is planned for a May release in both English and German. Smuttlewerk is promising to include other languages after the game comes out.