My Farm Life is another faming time management game with some nice twists

When naive Lisa signs a contract to star in a new TV show, she is completely unaware that this is not for a sophisticated soap opera, but rather a farming reality show. This is the premise of My Farm Life, a game that is very similar to the Ranch Rush series, albeit with some interesting twists.

My Farm Life features 50 levels and two modes, namely casual and expert mode. Depending on how quickly you finish any level you will get an expert rating, which means more money and a better starting position for the next level. The game offers a lot of playing time and can easily compete with similar titles in this respect. For variation there is also a lasso mini-game thrown in on a regular basis where the player can earn additional money by encircling identical animals. Moreover, you can earn up to 35 achievements.

With regards to the gameplay, My Farm Life is relatively tame when it comes to innovation and originality. Crops can be planted on soil and must be watered, animals have to be fed with grass and water to produce eggs, milk, or wool, and machines will process those products into different goods. On each level you will have to fulfill different orders, but they always consist of delivering a specific number of certain products to the barn. In what is by now a standard feature of these types of games, you’re able to reorganize the farm at any time by repositioning machines, buildings, crops and other stuff wherever you want to in order to make the work a little easier and more effective for Lisa.

The interesting features introduced by My Farm Life reminded us of Farm Craft, including the ability to call helpers, the alternation of day and night as well as the aforementioned mini game. Of course the number of new features is rather limited, but they are really fun and add a lot to the game. Calling helpers is tied to your show’s rating, and the rating is increased by performing the same action multiple times in a row, for example planting or watering crops and delivering products to the barn. The higher your rating, the more skilled the helper is that you may call. Unfortunately those helpers can be too helpful, especially if they collect and deliver crops or raw products from animals to the barn which you actually need for a machine.

The alternation of day and night, on the other hand, works extremely well. Thieves (who are hired by the show’s producers!) will try to steal crops and products, and have to be chased away by your flashlight or dogs. Animals will go to sleep and stop producing during the night, and a night trader will offer various products to help you reach your goal. This adds another level of complexity to the game, and despite the lack of true innovation, the mixture of entertaining elements from other farming games works very well.

What also works incredibly well is the constant addition of new upgrades, crops, animals, and other features that will surprise you in nearly every level. Thus My Farm Life never seems to get repetitive or boring and it’s certainly an aspect that will please a lot of time management fans. The graphics of the game are charming too, and the animations of the animals are funny to watch.

In the end, My Farm Life is a solid and rewarding time management game without any outstanding features or aspects. If you are tired of farming games or never really liked this niche of the time management genre, you will probably want to pass on this game. If this does not apply to you then My Farm Life will certainly charm you with gorgeous graphics, a quirky storyline and a huge number of products, achievements, and features to keep you motivated.