Campfire Legends: The Last Act – the third and final Campfire Legends game?

It’s pretty early to be thinking about Halloween – which is when a lot of the juiciest horror-themed hidden object games tend to come out – but not too early for GameHouse to tempt us with details about the next Campfire Legends game. Campfire Legends: The Last Act.

According to the Coming Soon page that GameHouse has put up for the game, The Last Act ties together events from the previous game, Campfire Legends: The Babysitter, in one “final terrifying chapter.”

Here’s more from GameHouse:

“Reggie and Ashley are on their way to surprise the campfire girls when a shocking accident strands them deep in the middle of nowhere. As Reggie wakes up from the blackout, she realizes Ashley is gone. The car isn’t going anywhere and Reggie’s phone is dead; the only sign of life is a small light emanating from a mysterious mansion.

“Return to Stillwater Mansion and follow Reggie back to the horror that once was. Search for Ashley and reveal their connection to The Babysitter as dark shadows, sudden noises, and whispering winds fill the chilly air. Is this all really just another frightful tale, or will the campfire girls actually hear Reggie’s screams for help?”

The Last Act is the third game in the series, behind The Babysitter and Campfire Legends: The Hookman and it looks like it’s meant to be the third and final instalment of a trilogy. We’ll be sure to post new information as we find it (and hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on some screenshots too!)