Hunters: Episode One brings space mercenaries back where they belong: in a turn-based SRPG

There’s a real lack of quality sci-fi RPG’s in the App Store right now, but it looks like fans of the genre are due to get a pretty epic one in the near future. Rodeo Games is going to unleash Hunters Episode One on iOS devices shortly, and it looks like the game might just provide players with a huge amount of content to play through.

The game is a turn-based strategy RPG that takes place “in a universe where contracts rule.” The basic premise is that players recruit and command a number of mercenaries as they work to become renowned bounty hunters. Completing levels (selected from a hub menu) results in cash and experience points, and players will use both the money and experience points to upgrade and add to their teams.

Hunters is a top-down game where maps are divvied up by grids. Characters can move a specific distance each turn, though this distance will differ depending on the character. The game is set to feature a healthy amount of “fog of war”, meaning players won’t be able to see what’s going on around a corner, as it’s outside of their character’s field of vision. Whether this will be adjustable remains to be seen.

If a team member dies on a mission, they don’t stay dead forever and will still earn experience points when the level is completed. On top of that, it’s reported that Rodeo Games will release five new missions a day, but they’ll only be playable on the day of their release. However, there will also be “story packs” which contain roughly ten levels apiece and continue the game’s meta-plot.

The game has already been submitted to Apple, and is set to launch for both the iPhone and iPad any day now. Be sure to click the follow button above to be notified the moment the game is released.