Gemini Rue Walkthrough

Gemini Rue – Game Introduction

Welcome the Gemini Rue walkthrough on Gamezebo. Gemini Rue is a point-and-click adventure game played on PC created by Wadjet Eye Games. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Gemini Rue.


Moving Around

To walk around, simply click on the screen where you want to go. Sometimes it works better if you keep your mouse button pressed down (for example if you’re trying to avoid the stompers in Center 7).

At places where you can exit a map on the edge of the screen, your cursor “crosshairs” will change into a diamond shape and say “exit”. However, if you need to leave a map by going through a door, you either need to click inside the open door (if you need to walk straight north) or on the other side of the door (for walking east or west) to walk through. Your cursor won’t change in these cases.


Your cursor will also change to a diamond shape when there’s an object or person you can interact with. Right click on the object to open your inventory.

Inside the inventory you will get various options to interact with the object you selected. The main four actions are:

Below the main actions you will see the items you have in your inventory. Right click on an item to get information about it. This is sometimes essential to find information you need to unlock the next part of the game. Left clicking the object will use that object on the person or object you’re interacting with.

At times there will be a second character following your main character. You can use this character to do things by right clicking on them and then selecting the hand option. This will give you a message like “Use Sayuri on…” You can then left click the object you want Sayuri to interact with.


Your communicator is an essential tool you can use to call people or look up information. You can access it by clicking the icon in the top left of your screen. Although it doesn’t exactly function to keep track of your quests, reading the notes on your communicator may help you remember what you’re meant to be doing next. Names, phone numbers and notes will be updated automatically each time you find out something essential to progress in the game.


In a few places there are bluish crates you can move around or climb on. To interact with these you first need to use the hand option on them. From there you can use the A and D keys to move the crate left or right, respectively. The W key makes your character climb onto the crate while the S key makes them come down and/or let go of the crate.


The terminals on the street or the consoles in the apartments are useful for finding out essential information. For the terminals on the street you need an ID card to access them, so you need to steal or borrow one, generally.

In the right hand column you can check the news, a database and you can figure out where you are on the map. When you’re inside someone’s apartment you can also check their journal to find out essential information about them.

At the top is a search box. You can either type in the name of the person or place you’re interested in, or you can open your communicator in the bottom left corner and drag and drop the name into the search box and hit enter. If there are any hits, they will be listed on the left. Click on any of the hits to read more.


There is a little bit of combat in this game, and when you get to it, it is explained quite well. Essentially, you can only shoot at a target when you’re not in cover position. You can move out of cover to the left and right by hitting your A and D keys, respectively. S brings you back to cover. Whenever you can go out of cover to both your left and right side, your target will start shooting at the side where they saw you last. So keep alternating sides to avoid getting shot.

You can shoot randomly and hit your target in random places, or you can hold your breath to aim by hitting CTRL. When the little dial goes into the green zone, you will get a head shot and take your target out in one hit.

Targets generally move in and out of cover themselves, and you can only hit them when they’re out of cover. It pays to watch and time the pattern of your target, so you know when to move out of cover and start holding your breath to aim.

Finally, you can hit R to reload when you’re out of ammo (which can only be done when you’re in cover) and hit W to change targets if there’s more than one.

Walkthrough – Azriel: Matthius Howard

Your name is Azriel and you were supposed to meet a man named Matthius Howard, but he never showed up. You need to ask around if anyone knows anything.

Find out where Matthius lives

Inside Hibiscus Highrise

Alternate Solution provided by Gamezebo Reader Alex: If you tell the receptionist that you are Matthius’s co-worker and you are PH engineer (as previously seen in terminal), receptionist will tell you the room number.

Breaking into 4E

Delta Six: The Test Facility

Fight Training 1 and Fixing the Elevator

Eat and Go to Bed

Azriel: Take Matthius to the Extraction Point

Delta Six: The Gun

You can now choose if you want to play with Delta Six first or with Azriel. This section describes the actions for Delta Six. You can change between the two players by clicking on their icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Fight Training 2

Steal a Gun

Dislodge the Gun from the Drainpipes

Azriel: The Boryokudan and the Missing Transport

You start off with two objectives in this part of the game: fixing the lock pick and getting into the Boryokudan.

Fix the Lock Pick

Getting into the Boryokudan


Finding Paul Erickson

Getting Meds for Paul

Barry Adama

Delta Six: Maintenance Duty

Maintenance Duty

Escaping Balder

Azriel: Inside the Weather Station

Repair the Conveyer

The Data Packet

Delta Six: The Escape

Azriel and Sayuri

Inside the Cell