Final Fantasy III ports the DS remake to the iPhone this March

When it comes to re-publishing old games on handhold systems, Square-Enix is currently dominating the scene. Earlier this week, the publisher revealed that Final Fantasy III will be hitting the App Store in the near future. The news wasn’t really that surprising, considering how Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II are already available for iOS devices – but that didn’t make it any less exciting.

If you haven’t played the game since it was first released for the Super Nintendo, consider yourself warned: this will be a much different experience than you remember – mostly because this isn’t the same game. You see, back in the day not every Final Fantasy game was released outside of Japan. As such, the game westerners know as Final Fantasy III is really Final Fantasy VI. If all of this is starting to sound confusing, let me simply sum it up thusly: Final Fantasy III on the iPhone isn’t the steampunk, opera-heavy adventure you played on the SNES – but it’s still good Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy III for the iPhone will be based on the 3D remake that Square-Enix released for the Nintendo DS back in 2006, which in turn was based on the Japan-only NES release from 1990. If you’re thinking this is going to be a straight port, rumor has it that there will be some significant improvements in this upcoming re-release. According to, the Japanese magazine Famitsu has snagged some early details.

Famitsu is claiming that Final Fantasy III will feature high resolution graphics for the iPhone’s retina display. On top of that, the game’s audio is getting revamped, too. Finally, characters will be controlled with a “touch anywhere” joystick, while battle controls will utilize a system designed to work with the touch screen interface.

At the moment, not much else is known about the game yet, aside from the fact that it’s coming out sometime in March. However, you can check out the trailer that for the DS version of the game above if you want to figure out (roughly) what you can expect from this celebrated game’s port.

In the meantime, be sure to click the follow link above to be notified the moment Final Fantasy III hits the App Store.