Can Knockdown 2 looks like it may pack everything you want in a sequel

Can Knockdown was one of those surprising hits when it came out for the iPhone. It was based on an exceedingly simple concept (throwing baseballs at stacks of cans) that proved to be surprisingly addictive. Now, developer Infinite Dreams is letting us see what’s in store for Can Knockdown 2.

While there was nothing wrong with the first Can Knockdown, Infinite Dreams is making a slew of improvements in the sequel. First and foremost is the way the game looks. The original game featured some nice 3D graphics, but the setting was fairly bland. Can Knockdown 2, however, is promising to have a number of different environments with brighter colors.

Can Knockdown 2 Can Knockdown 2

Can Knockdown 2 Can Knockdown 2

The game will also feature some variety with two new game modes. Aside from the Classic mode (which features the same play mechanics as the original game), players can also knock down moving targets while under a time limit in “hit-the-target” mode. There will also be a game mode that allows players to knock down cans that are moving on a conveyor.

Like the original, Can Knockdown 2 will be a universal app, allowing players to enjoy this on both their iPhone and iPad with a single download. The game will be Game Center compatible, too, and will hopefully feature more achievements than just the nine we enjoyed unlocking in the original.

At the moment, the release date for Can Knockdown 2 has yet to be revealed, but Infinite Dreams has stated that the game has already hit beta status, and that we can expect this on the App Store “soon.”