Casino gaming meets spooky adventure in the upcoming Slot Life – Haunted Mansion

It’s a little-known survival tip amongst ghost hunters that, when one’s been kidnapped and imprisoned by hostile spirits, the best way to ride things out is to play slot machines. Evil slot machines. Prospective spirit-busters are often too young to practice this technique in real life casinos, but Alchemy Games is providing a solid iOS alternative in the form of Slot Life – Haunted Mansion.

The game will star a cartoon-like protagonist named Max, who mysteriously wakes up in a dark room within Gowan Manor. Max has to fight against the dark forces that are working to make him ominously disappear, like so many other unfortunate folks who’ve wound up in the mansion. If Max wants to escape, he’ll have to survive until the morning when the mansion loses its evil powers.

Slot Life - Haunted Mansion Slot Life - Haunted Mansion

Slot Life – Haunted Mansion is a unique slot machine game with adventure elements. There are two different types of slot machines to play: one with basic prizes and one with high-end prizes. Players collect keys from the basic machines to play premiere slots.

Players will explore Gowan Manor and play four different mini-games between the slot machine action: The Abandoned Lab, where players rub the screen to clean dust from bottles and discover a prize; Dark Encounter, in which players shoot enemies before they reach their position; The Seek, which allows players to explore the mansion and make decisions that affect the game’s story; and A Safe Place, where players have to open doors and increase their investigation points (while watching out for a hidden ghost).

Slot Life - Haunted Mansion Slot Life - Haunted Mansion

Whether Slot Life – Haunted Mansion is going to utilize Apple’s Game Center remains to be seen, but it will incorporate Open Feint and will have a “survivor list” (which sounds like a global leaderboard) that players will be added to when they get Max out of Gowan Manor alive.

Alchemy Games has just recently submitted Slot Life – Haunted Mansion to Apple for approval, so you can expect to see this one available for download soon.