Trouble Brothers want to tickle your trivia bone in the upcoming Match-O-Matic

When it comes to killing time with your friends, there are few better ways to do so than trivia games. Not only are they fun and informative, but they give you the opportunity to validate all those nerdy little facts you’ve been quietly hording away for a while. However, there aren’t too many notable trivia games available for iOS devices, and only a few of them are even remotely decent. Trouble Brothers aims to change this trend with Match-O-Matic.

Match-O-Matic is a jukebox-style trivia game that’s set to hit the App Store in the coming months. It’s designed to replicate the feel of the game machines that one might find in a diner or bar, albeit with more visual and social appeal. Not only that, but the Trouble Brothers promises that it will often contain tongue-in-cheek twists when it comes to categories.

Of course, the visual style of the game is a huge element. Categories will feature twenty images that players have to choose from. Once this is done, an associated question will appear.


The game is being touted as fun for both one or two players, as there will be both head-to-head and solo play modes. The two-player mode is set to include a nifty wagering mode, in which each player starts with twenty points which they can then wager (up to four points at a time) on questions.

According to Trouble Brothers’ Managing Partner Jeff McCord, “What’s great is that the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ syndrome can come into play. One tough question can come up from the 4-point-know-it-all, and all of a sudden the play-it-safe 2-point wagerer can amble past once the Mr. Boldilocks suddenly loses 8 points in a row!”

Match-O-Matic is currently being developed for an iPad-only debut, but Trouble Brothers is hoping to provide a universal update as soon as possible after the game’s initial release.