IncrediLand breeds fun

Facebook is no stranger to games that let you raise cute little critters, and in a lot of ways IncrediLand is very similar to other games that already exist. You can feed, train, and play with strange colorful creatures, but the difference is the emphasis on breeding. IncrediLand features a surprisingly complex breeding mechanic that focuses on genetics, and creates a rather addictive experience as you attempt to collect every animal there is.

You’ll start out with access to just one type of animal, an awkward looking creature called a Gambi, but two more will become available as you open up new islands to explore. You can feed your animals and make them do tricks, which will earn you money, but the real goal of the game is to breed. Different animals have different characteristics, ranging from their color and fur type, to whether or not they have horns. At any time you can click on a genetic map that will bring up all of this information in an easy to digest, visual format.


To get every type of animal there is you’ll need to breed animals together. And depending on the make up of each animal’s genetic map, their offspring will look a certain way. It’s a simplified, but nonetheless educational, way of explaining how genetics works. But more importantly, as a game mechanic, it can be quite addictive as you try to collect each and every variation there is.

After successfully breeding two animals you’ll need to incubate the egg, and once the egg hatches you have a limited amount of time to teach the young animal various tricks. You can also buy some eggs to speed the process up, as breeding takes quite some time, and occasionally two animals end up being incompatible for various reasons anyways. And that’s essentially it. The draw of of breeding and collecting animals is the core of IncrediLand (though a currently inaccessible gym function hints that there will be more to the game in the future).


A large part of what makes IncrediLand so enjoyable is just how charming everything is. The three creature types, which range from the goofy giraffe-like creature you start out with to a furry little ball with eyes on stalks, are all suitably cute and fun and are further brought to life by some great, though repetitive, animations. Every aspect of the game, from the incubating eggs to the trick-performing adults, absolutely drips with charm, and the bright, flat, and colorful art style really helps bring the world to life.

It may seem simple, but IncrediLand is actually a very deep, and surprisingly satisfying experience. Not only is the process of breeding and raising animals rewarding, but the ever elusive goal of collecting them all is very compelling. There may not be a whole lot you can actually do with your animals once they grow up, but the process of raising and collecting them is enough to make this a great game.