When you break it down, Valentine’s Day is really only about two things: love and candy. And since Om Nom loves candy, it seems like Valentine’s Day might just be the perfect time for Chillingo and Zeptolab to release the latest Cut the Rope update.

Cut the Rope v1.2 will introduce the new “Valentine’s Box,” complete with 25 new levels. Like previous updates, this latest release will introduce a new gameplay element to keep things fresh for veteran players. This time around Om Nom fans can expect a new twist in the shape of a broken heart – or more specifically, broken candy.

Rather than simply guiding a piece of candy in Om Nom’s mouth, players will need to get the two pieces of candy to fuse together before feeding the hungry monster below.

“This 1.2 update is our gift to you this Valentine’s Day for being the greatest fans out there; we hope players love the new box, levels and features just as much as we enjoyed creating it,” states Efim Voinov, CTO of ZeptoLab. “Thank you for the continued support, we are already working closely with Chillingo to enhance the game and think fans will be extremely delighted!”

There’s no official release date on this one, but considering both Angry Birds Seasons and Cover Orange have received their Valentine’s facelifts this week, I wouldn’t expect Om Nom’s to be far behind.