When PR and marketing teams tease that you’ll want to keep your eye out for something “hidden” in an advertisement, the thing you’re looking for is usually as well concealed as milk in a bowl of cereal. As it turns out, though, Rovio and 20th Century Fox weren’t kidding when they teased us with the promise of a hidden secret that could unlock new content for Angry Birds players.

While an official version of the commercial hasn’t quite hit the internet yet, YouTube user CommanderRobe3t was kind enough to not only record a low-quality version using a camera in front of his TV, but to freeze frame the all-important moment and provide commentary on how to unlock the secret;

“Go to level 13-12 (in the cowboy themed levels). Then, shoot the white birds backwards, hitting the egg on the back of the hill. A golden egg will pop up! When you find the egg, you’ve unlocked the Superbowl Golden Egg Level!”

In addition to this new super-secret hidden level, Rovio has also just released version 1.5.1 of Angry Birds, which added an additional 15 levels to the “Ham ‘Em High” chapter of the game.