Zombies are cool. Pirates are cool. Zombie pirates are even cooler.

You may have had enough of zombies by now. And you’re probably sick of pirates too. But zombie pirates? Now we’re talking. Zombie Isle is essentially a mobile version of the Facebook game Treasure Isle, but lacking any sort of social features. To make up for it the game has a few cool new gameplay twists and, of course, lots of brain eating zombies.

Zombie Isle
Like Treasure Isle, the majority of Zombie Isle consist of digging for treasure. You control a crew of zombified pirates, and you can set sail to a number of different islands. When you reach an island all you need to do to explore it is to tap on the ground. Sometimes you’ll find keys to open gates or chests, sometimes you’ll find fruit that refills your energy, and sometimes you’ll find nothing. The game also puts a heavy emphasis on collections, much like what you’ll find in games like FrontierVille. Once a collection is complete you can trade it in for cash and experience.
In order to complete an island you’ll need to explore every square inch of it. Doing this, of course, consumes energy. In most similar games running out of energy leaves you with nothing really to do but wait around until it refills, but not in Zombie Isle. You can also dock your boat at towns, and beef up your zombie workforce by infecting townsfolk. This takes time, but you can speed things up by spending a few doubloons. You can also attack any ships you come across in your travels. The battle sequences are pretty simple, but fun, though most of the strategy boils down to who has the better zombie fighters.

Zombie Isle
These features aren’t huge additions, but they do help break up the monotony of simply searching different islands for treasure. And it’s always fun to watch zombie pirates battle it out. One issue with the game, though, is controlling your boat. The top-down map sequences have you moving your boat around with a touch of your finger, which is simple enough. Problem is, sometimes when you get near an island the option to dock will disappear for no apparent reason. So in order to dock you’ll need to leave the island and come back again, hoping the option stays up long enough for you to select it.
But that’s just a minor quibble. Zombie Isle might not be the most original game, but it’s a solid entry in the treasure hunting genre. The combat is fun, there’s plenty to collect, and, besides, the game stars pirates who are also zombies. What’s not to love?