You can build a pizzeria anywhere you want in Pizza World, but why would you want to?

With potential locations spanning the entire globe, Pizza World on Facebook invites you to create your own pizzeria empire. While this premise sounds interesting, the novelty wears off long before you’ll ever build a second location.

When you first start Pizza World, you’ll have the opportunity to place your first pizzeria in one of several locations around the world such as New York, Paris, and Tokyo. Each location has its own specific items in the shop (fitting its geographical theme) and clientele with their own specific needs as well.Pizza World

Customers will periodically enter the store, look at a menu, and then order the pizza of their choice. Menu items can be altered with newly unlocked pizzas or a custom pizza created by your friends. While this does encourage creativity, the custom pizza option is flawed simply because you cannot use your created pizzas in your own restaurants. You can only send them to friends to use. Either way, each pizza purchased will earn you some coins and experience points.

You can also buy additional items in the store that will bring in more revenue such as a water cooler or slot machines. These types of items generally cost Facebook credits, but can also be crafted using parts that friends can send you for free.

Each day you play Pizza World, you are given a scratch lottery ticket. With this ticket you are given the chance to win the necessary ingredients for a new pizza or new item. These scratch tickets are actually pretty intricate and involve playing a mini-version of Minesweeper to try and find the ingredient tiles.Pizza World

Delivering pizzas is also an important element in Pizza World, and you will need to make sure you make your customers’ pizzas exactly to order (by matching a picture showing their request with your own creation) and on time to receive the best tips possible. If you make a big mistake on a pizza, the customer will be angry and likely not order again.

For all of the features the game contains, there are also many issues that plague Pizza World, such as the ugly graphics and interface, as well as the inconsistent and confusing shop. Characters look very oddly shaped and just out of place with the rest of the environment. The interface for the marketplace is very confusing, with items grouped together haphazardly and inconsistently. Holiday themed items are available in the store to look at, but not to purchase, which left me very confused as to why I couldn’t, for example, purchase a Jack-O-Lantern for my restaurant. Lastly, there really isn’t much for you to do after the initial setup. Deliveries seem to only come in once per day, and there is very little need for maintenance in your pizzeria beyond that. I found myself only playing around five minutes each day due to this issue.

Overall, Pizza World is a bit of a messy experience. The gameplay is a bland mix of Diner Dash and CafĂ© World, but is certainly the master of neither. Without any clear direction of what you should be doing while playing, it’s very difficult to recommend Pizza World to anyone.