Angry Birds Rio flocks to the App Store this March

Hot on the heels of news about Russell Brand’s Hop invading Doodle Jump for a movie tie-in, Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced a film tie-in of their own. Joining forces with 20th Century Fox, the developer is set to release a special version of Angry Birds to promote the upcoming family film Rio.

Angry Birds Rio will blend the bird-filled world of the upcoming film with the cast of Angry Birds characters players know and love. The film, in theatres April 15th, tells the story of a domesticated blue Macaw from Minnesota (voiced by Oscar-nominated Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg) who is kidnapped along with a potential mate by a group of animal smugglers in Rio. In the game, the Angry Birds are kidnapped by the same animal smugglers, escape, and try to save their two blue macaw friends from the film.

“ANGRY BIRDS RIO is a match made in heaven for a mobile application and a major motion picture, and this collaboration with Fox is definitely one the most exciting partnerships we have entered into with the ANGRY BIRDS brand to date,” said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. “In addition to expanding the horizons of two fantastic entertainment brands and creating a great new gaming experience, we have also taken the concept of combining a mobile application and motion picture promotion to an entirely new level.”

The new game will feature 45 levels, and Rovio is promising new levels will be added regularly via app updates. Expect to see Angry Birds Rio hit the App Store this March.