3D Twist & Match brings shape-shifting fun to the iPhone and iPad on January 27th

Players will likely recognize the familiar concept found in 3D Twist & Match, coming soon for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a lot like the classic “Baby’s First Blocks” toy from Fisher-Price, where the object is to simply place all the blocks into the bucket by matching the shapes.

In 3D Twist & Match, the object is just as simple as this childhood toy, as players must move objects around to make them fit into a specific silhouette on the screen.

As soon as the player matches the silhouette, it will change along with the shape used. The game is timed, so it’s in players’ best interests to move the shapes quickly and finish the level as fast as possible.

Players can take on ten different themes such as Halloween, Jungle, Food, and Music in three different game modes such as Arcade, Frenzy and Free Play. Difficulty can also be changed from three different options.

3D Twist & Match

3D Twist & Match

3D Twist & Match

Taking advantage of Apple’s Game Center, 3D Twist & Match is also able to offer up achievements as incentive for players to perform well.

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the shape-shifting fun found in 3D Twist & Match, they’ll only have to wait a few days as the game releases on January 27th.