Players can begin cutting down the competition when Cardboard Castle hits the App Store next month

A game that is centered around cutting out cardboard may not sound that interesting to most players, but the upcoming puzzler Cardboard Castle triumphantly boasts this aspect as a main feature. In this peculiar title, players must use their cutting ability to move their knight forth to conquer a kingdom.

As the knight moves towards the right of the screen, he will come across obstacles along the way that will stop him in his tracks. Overcoming these obstacles will require the player to use every wit within them. These hurdles can be cut with scissors, chopped with axes or may even require a switch from daytime to nighttime. Players will burn, tear, and wet the cardboard landscapes to solve a variety of puzzles.

Cardboard Castle

Cardboard Castle

Cardboard Castle

During our hands-on time with the game, we experienced one such puzzle that does a good job of showcasing the type of experiences you’ll have in Cardboard Castle. The solution required us to drag the sun down to make the level turn dark. Doing so dropped an axe down so that we could kill an enemy in our path. Once that was done, we brought the sun back out by tapping the rooster. The enemy dropped an axe when killed, which we then used to chop down a tree to make a bridge for a gap. Lastly, we used a key to open a locked door at the entrance of a castle to complete the level.

Once an obstacle is clear, the knight will move automatically and complete the level. After each level, players are given a score based on how quickly they were able to solve it.

The graphical theme found in Cardboard Castle is that of an elementary school cut-out, with small ridges that accentuate the ruggedness. Players can expect to meet enemies and allies alike on three different quests. We’ve also been told you can expect an Endurance Mode of some kind as well.

Publisher BulkyPix is aiming to have Cardboard Castle on the App Store February 3rd, so anxious players should be able to saddle up a cardboard knight of their very own soon.