Ring Blade looks to put a flick-based twist on vertical shooters this February

The developers at MindTrip Studios are looking to take the fun of vertical shooters on the iPhone to the next level with their upcoming release Ring Blade.

What will set Ring Blade apart from the competition, according to its developer, is the game’s “flick-fire” control mechanic. These controls will provide players the ability to flick their fingers to control all of the action rather than having to slide around to navigate or use any virtual joysticks. MindTrip claims these controls will “keep players focused on the action instead of the backs of their hands.”

Ring Blade Ring Blade

Ring Blade‘s setting takes place entirely within the player’s own head. From the developer’s description: “In the deepest recesses of your mind, somewhere between madness and reason, lies a place where thought becomes creation. Trapped inside you have the only weapon you need – the Ring Blade. Master your fear. Free your mind. Fight or die! “

Ring Blade will offer a unique tattoo-style visual presentation, as well as a dozens of enemy types. Giant bosses that nearly fill the entire screen are also seen throughout, that will try to vanquish any player in their path.

With 30 levels to complete and relentless action along the way, Ring Blade should offer action gamers a sizable experience. Developer MindTrip Studios has confirmed the game will release in early February for just 99¢.