Garden of Orbs should appeal to your inner child’s love of marbles

Garden of Orbs can best be described as a game that invokes childhood memories of playing marbles with neighborhood friends, yet also adult visions of playing billiards in their favorite pub. Combining these two classic games, Garden of Orbs looks to create a unique and original experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Garden of Orbs is played by launching a marble into other marbles and repeating until all of the other marbles are eliminated from the garden. With unlimited attempts to clear the board, the game should be easy to pick up and play for all ages.

Garden of Orbs Garden of Orbs

Garden of Orbs Garden of Orbs

Given the unlimited attempts to complete the levels, the game may seem fairly easy and simple to advanced players; however, the real challenge lies in how quickly players can complete the levels. A challenge mode will also provide a more difficult experience in tasking players to complete levels with only a few shots or within a time limit.

Each time a player attempts a level in Garden of Orbs is a chance to improve their high score and rating. The player may then share their high scores to OpenFeint with their online friends.

Garden of Orbs also takes full advantage of the iPhone 4’s retina display with lush botanical gardens and colorful insects. There will be four different gardens available at launch – Japan, Scotland, Arizona and France – each with their own 25 levels.

For those who can’t wait to start launching one orb into another, Garden of Orbs is on track to launch by the end of January.