Crazy Caravans First Look Preview

Crazy Caravans allows players to take an adventure across the Sahara to trade goods, battle others, and commit crimes (whoa!) along the way. Traveling is exhausting, so players may want to pack a few canteens for the trip!

The adventure given to players in Crazy Caravansis to eventually reach Europe by collecting booty from from cities you conquer in the Sahara, China, and India.

Borrowing from other Facebook titles such as Mafia Wars and Epic Fighters, Crazy Caravans incorporates a battle system that allows players to battle other real players while they travel from sandy city to dusty city. Your chance of winning is based on the size of caravan as well as battle statistics.

Crazy Caravans

After competing in battles and leveling their characters, players are given the opportunity to assign skill points to their caravan. Doing so improve the chances of winning battles against other players.

Crazy Caravans

Players may also purchase additional weapons and with collected gold if they choose, from Knifes to Swords to Helmets. And of course, buying weapons and armor with real money will also improve the odds in battle.

Crazy Caravans

Crazy Caravans may scratch that adventure itch that many players have been looking for and isavailable right now on Facebook if you’re interested in a deserted adventure.