Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six coming to iPhone

Few companies have been able to pull off multiplayer gameplay on the iPhone as well as Gameloft. Few companies are also as perfectly poised to get involved in Tom Clancy’s popular Ubisoft squad shooter series as Gameloft (both Ubi and Gameloft are owned by the Guillemot brothers). When you look at all the pieces, it just makes sense: Gameloft is the only developer who could make Rainbow Six on the iPhone work.

Earlier today Gameloft released a teaser trailer on their Youtube page that revealed Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard was coming to the iPhone. The trailer itself showed no gameplay, instead offering up a mock newscast reporting on the heroics of the famed Rainbow unit.

The Rainbow Six series is known for its delicate blend of strategy and shooting, in which players need to make tactical decisions for an entire squad of combatants rather than just run in to a situation guns blazing. In recent iterations multiplayer elements have usually involved a co-operative component, allowing players to work together on the same mission.

With only the above teaser trailer to go on, there’s really no way to confirm what the contents of Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard will be at this point. If they do decide to offer co-operative multiplayer, it should be interesting to see how Gameloft executes this. Co-op like this would be an iPhone first, but considering how well Gameloft has pulled off 10-man competitive multiplayer in Modern Combat 2 and N.O.V.A. 2, this might just be the next challenge they’re looking to conquer.

There aren’t really any details to share just yet, but like the on-the-scene reporter in the above clip, “we’ll be sure to keep you posted as more information continues to trickle in.”