Soccer iCon will be scoring some virtual goals on your iPhone very soon

Let’s face it, most can only dream of making it to a professional soccer team. Soccer iCon looks to enhance that experience allowing players to take on a role as a wannabe professional player in this simulator for the iPhone and iPad.

A real-life model is used in this simulation, and players can watch how your every move changes his looks and expressions. Not only will players be able to help train your soccer star, but players will also be able to live out all the drama involved in becoming a pro.

Soccer iCon

Soccer iCon

Not everything is as peachy as it may seem for the virtual player though, as gamers can play naughty with him by taking him out partying late at night. You may want to be careful though, as all play and no work will make his performance suffer.

If players manage to stay on track with their sim, they will be rewarded with new available skills and even possibly a “Man of the Match” award. Having such a prestigious award would definitely award any hardships in training along the way. Who knows? Maybe the virtual player will even get a chance to compete in the world cup!

Footie fans will be able to pick and choose their path to soccer stardom very soon, as Soccer iCon is set to launch in the App Store during the first week of February.