As any fan of tabletop gaming will tell you, board games on the iPhone have been an absolute delight. The one thing that so many of them have been missing, however, are the expansions that get released for their real world counterparts. USM, developers of Catan for the iPhone, have remedied this situation. Seafarers of Catan is now available as an in-app purchase.

Originally published as an expansion to the tabletop board game Settlers of Catan back in 1997, Seafarers adds ships to the game, allowing players to connect different islands. The expansion also adds gold fields, treasures, pirates, and 16 scenarios with a variety of goals.

Developer USM tells us that players can expect the following features;

  • Original rule set from “Settlers of Catan”
  • Local multi-player mode for up to four players
  • Smart computer opponents, each following their own
  • individual tactics
  • Scrollable game board including zoom option
  • Freely combinable game settings
  • Comprehensive game statistics and tutorial
  • iPod background music support
  • Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese

As exciting as the news of Catan‘s first expansion hitting the iPhone may be, USM has also leaked out some details about the future of their digital version of Catan: the game will be ported to both the iPad and Android soon.


The Seafarers expansion is now available as an in-app purchase for Catan owners. The price is $3.99. Now if only we could get Coding Monkeys to do the same Carcassonne expansions.